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Fareham Honey Show - St Johns Church Hall, Redlands Lane, Fareham,

Entries will be accepted by email or post, either using the form provided or, if you wish, sending an informal email message. Labels and place cards will be posted to members or if time is short provided on the day.
Please note that we do also allow the honey to be exhibited in 1Ib BSI jars with screw lids.

This year our Hampshire honey cake recipe is in metric measures
Members are encouraged to participate in as many classes as they can. Also it is quite feasible to multiple-enter classes. If as an example you have medium honey from a previous year and this year then put them both in and let the judge decide which is better. The wax and confectionary classes can also be multiple entered. For example, you may not think your cake is up to scratch, in which case make another and put them both in. For confectionary classes you may use honey from a source which is not your own.
As an association we are fortunate to have several trophies spread over the classes plus prize money, all of which makes the show competitive and interesting. We need to have over a hundred entries each year. This allows us to award a BBKA BLUE RIBAND which allows the winner free entry to the National Honey Show at some time in the future convenient to them. Our show is also open to the general public from 1.00 pm, with refreshments available. So why not make the afternoon a family affair?
Please do not leave it to the last minute to make your entries. If you send them early it will mean that your labels and place cards can be returned to you by post in plenty of time before the show.
Please support your local show and enter as many classes as possible. Remember that you won’t win if you don’t enter!
Finally, if you have any queries regarding the show, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Memories of Fareham Honey Show 2014 …

FDBKA Honey Show Rules & Schedule

1. All honey and wax products must be the property of the exhibitor and the produce of the exhibitor’s bees.
2. Extracted honey to be exhibited in 1 lb BSI squat jars with BSI standard tops.
3. Exhibitors may enter any number of exhibits in any Class but will not be entitled to any more than one prize in any class.
4. The Judge’s decision will be final. The Judge shall be empowered to withhold prizes in any Class in the event of the entries in the Class being of insufficient merit.
5. Every exhibit must be legibly marked with the tables supplied.
Bottled Honey : Labels to be fixed approximately one inch between the bottom edge of the label and the base of the jar.
Cut Comb : One label at the centre of the long side and the other at one end of the lid. No other markings will be allowed except Classes 136 and 138 per the Schedule
6. No exhibit may be handled or removed from the tables until the presentation of prizes is completed without the permission of the Show Manager.
7. A Novice is an Exhibitor who has not previously won a first prize in any Honey Show (confectionary classes excluded).
8. Points Allocation : 1st - 3; 2nd - 2; 3rd - 1.
Prize Money : 1st - £1; 2nd - 70p; 3rd - 50p.
9. Entry Fees : Gift Class - No Entry Fee, Entry to be Auctioned.
All other classes - 20p per Entry.
10. Entries may be staged on Saturday 17th September 2016 - 0800 to 0915.
Judge : Honey & Confectionary - TBC

Fareham Honey Show : Award, Cups and Trophies

HOOD CUP - Awarded for most points. FDBKA members only.
MOORE CHALLENGE TROPHY - Best Exhibit in Classes 130 -144 inclusive.
McLACHLAN TROPHY - Best Exhibit by an FDBKA Novice Class 137 (In the event of there being no prize awarded for this Class then the Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Commercial Class 136).
FDBKA 70th ANNIVERSARY TROPHY - Awarded to the FDBKA exhibitor with the highest average score achieved with three or more entries in Classes 130 - 148 inclusive.
PARRY TROPHY - Awarded to the FDBKA exhibitor having the most points in the Confectionery Classes 151 - 155 inclusive.

NB. No Entry to be shown if previously exhibited at an FDBKA Show.

Fareham Honey Show Classes


130 : Two 1 lb Jars of Light Honey
131 : Two 1 lb Jars of Medium Honey
132 : Two 1 lb Jars of Dark Honey
133 : Two 1lb Jars of Granulated Honey
134 : Two 1 lb Jars of Creamed Honey
135 : Two 1 lb Jars of Chunk Honey
135h : Two 1 lb Jars of Heather Honey
136 : Six jars of Honey, labelled as for sale, matching, any type. No tamper proof tags required. (ONLY ONE ENTRY PER EXHIBITOR)
137 : Novice : Two 1 lb Jars of matched Honey
138 : Gift Class : One Jar of Honey, labelled as for sale, no entry fee
139 : Two pieces of Cut Comb Honey, between 7 and 9 oz each
140 : Frame for Extracting


141 : One Cake of Beeswax, 10-12 oz
142 : Six Matching Blocks of Beeswax, weight approx 1 oz each
143 : Two Beeswax candles, to be displayed erect, made by any method, no colouring permitted; one to be lit by the Judge.
144 : One brood frame, made up with foundation


145 : Beeswax Polish in a standard 4 oz polish tin
146 : Beeswax Hand / Face Cream, approximately 2 - 4 oz in a presentation container


147 : One Bottle Dry
148 : One Bottle Sweet

Mead must be shown in a round clear glass wine bottles fitted with a flange stopper


149 : Any Beecraft Item manufactured by the exhibitor


150 : Photograph entitled “The World of the Beekeeper”

Photograph to be Colour and no larger than 7” x 5”


151 : Hampshire Honey Cake, recipe as detailed on this website
152 : Honey Cake, entrant to choose and display recipe used
153 : Six Honey Biscuits, entrant to choose and display recipe used
154 : Twelve Honey Sweets, entrant to choose and display recipe used
155 : One Pound Jar of Honey Conserve - recipe to be written and placed with jar

All confectionery entries to be exhibited on paper plates and covered with plastic - both provided by the organisers

Fareham Honey Show - Honey Cake Recipe

CLASS 151 Hampshire Honey Cake Recipe

225g Self Raising Flour
100g Butter or Margarine
225g Honey
175g Sultanas
2 large Eggs
1 pinch Salt
Preheat the oven  to 160C, 140C fan oven, 320F, Gas Mk 3.

Cream the butter or margarine with the honey. Beat the eggs well and add them, alternately with the sifted flour and salt. Save a little flour and add to the sultanas. Beat well and lightly. Stir the sultanas in. Bake in a lined and greased 7 ½ inch (190mm) for 1 ¼ hours.